BaliERM2016 International Conference on Enterprise Risk Management 2016 is the sixth ERMA yearly conference in Indonesia. With the theme of “Managing Risks and Opportunities in Digital Era”, it is designed to provide risk management practitioners around the world a comprehensive insight in various issues and challenges that organizations face in this digital era. This event facilitates discussion and knowledge sharing with the speakers and participants from various backgrounds concerning the issues that have been faced by risk management practitioners.


Retouch_newtheme BaliERM 2016-07 The event consists of 3 programs: BaliERM2016 International Conference on Enterprise Risk Management, Master Class Risk Governance and ERMA Bali Golf 2016 Open Friendly Tournament.


galery BaliERM International Conference on ERM will be held for the sixth time this year. Visit the Gallery to find out how this event was held since its first year.


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BaliERM International Conference on ERM is an annual risk management program in Indonesia, organized by ERMA (Enterprise Risk Management Academy)..


BaliERM2016 is designed to meet the needs of risk professionals from various corporate functions including Board Members, C-level Officers, Directors, Managers, Heads and Staffs of:

bullet-07 Risk Management
bullet-07 Regulatory and Supervisory Authorities
bullet-07 Audit & Internal Control
bullet-07 Finance
bullet-07 Compliance
bullet-07 IT Auditing
bullet-07 Information Technology
bullet-07 Corporate Governance
bullet-07 Strategy
bullet-07 Investments
bullet-07 Process Excellence
bullet-07 Corporate Affairs
bullet-07 And others

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BaliERM2016 is hosted by ERMA (Enterprise Risk Management Academy), an organization that aims to increase public awareness and the competency level in risk management and risk governance, by leading various initiatives such as socialization programs and certification assessments in all part of the world.

ERMA is providing a thorough risk management education system, specifically designed to increase the knowledge and skills of risk professional in all part of the world. ERMA has consistently contributed toward the enhancement in risk management, and is one of the world’s pioneer in providing ISO31000-based professional certifications.

In Indonesia, ERMA with its national partners has certified hundreds of risk professionals and hosted various international-scale programs, such as the ERMA Asia Pacific Risk Management Conference 2011, the BaliERM annual seminar and the OECD 7th SOE Network on Corporate Governance.


ERMA is offering three ERM Certification:

Learn more about our ERM certifications to find out which one suits you on our website.

ERMA produces 4 types of publications such as Newsletter, Magazine, Infographics, and Risk Management News that aim to keep our certification holders, members, and networks updated about the happenings at ERMA and the risk management in general.


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